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Express property inspection app

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The OnSource Express Property Inspection app enables property and casualty companies to get fast, fair, accurate and customer focused photo inspections through a smartphone. By putting the power in the customers hands, claims move through the estimate process more efficiently and more economically than ever before.

Every inspection comes with the OnSource quality assurance guarantee. Consistent quality, meeting your standards, every time.


  • Apps for smartphone (iPhone and Android) or web accessible
  • Look and feel can be customized with your messaging and branding
  • Customer receives step-by-step visual guidance and “tap-to-call” support from every screen
  • All photos come stamped with the date and time, plus latitude/longitude for location validation
  • The app features up to 30 seconds of HD video time

You can extract measurements from any photo that has a target or a reference measurement with just a click. Smart picture technologies captures vital scale and dimension info with the snap of a picture.

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OnSource benefits

  • Remote Review Estimates : Digital photo inspections accurately capture damage details, making remote review company-written estimates possible
  • More Consistent & Reliable Estimates: Remote-review company-written estimates are generally more consistent than estimates from IAs
  • Reduced LAE: Overall LAE drops signicantly, driven by OnSource cases, across all channels, e.g., OnSource saves 30-75% vs. Independent Appraiser

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