Case Study

Reengineering and SAP automation for a power generation major results in more than US$11 million in annual savings and decreased repair time

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A multi-billion dollar energy company that provides advanced power generation and water optimization technologies.

Business challenges

High turbine repair cycle times and subsequently low asset uptimes due to

  • Non-standardized and manual repair route planning and design process; e.g., repair jobs were created far in advance before execution, and the planned hours were the same for all parts irrespective of the part condition and damage severity
  • Complex and hard-coded route revision process

Genpact solution

  • Standardized and simplified the repair planning process through in-depth process assessments
  • Automated the process through a built-in SAP module, enabling an ERP customized repair plan
  • Created scalable planning through best practice frameworks

Business impact delivered

  • Annual cost savings of $11.6 million through 70% improved productivity in repair planning across 20+ global locations
  • Enabled faster planning and opportunities for early billing and sales recognition

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