Case Study

A connected approach for the digital future of healthcare

How Ciox Health redesigned medical information management

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Meet Ciox Health

Ciox Health is the US healthcare market leader for clinical information exchange. It supports providers and health insurance plans to securely collect, deliver, and reconcile over 40 million requests for medical information each year.

active platform users

The vision

Ciox wanted to realize its vision for the digital future of healthcare by:

  • Revolutionizing how it shares urgent medical information securely by building CioxHealthSource, its cloud-based data-management platform
  • Driving operational excellence and centralization across multiple locations
  • Streamlining data management to boost customer satisfaction
  • Transforming Ciox from a services company into an information technology business

Developing a partnership

  • Ciox chose Genpact as its strategic partner to design, transform, and run CioxHealthSource, and source and deliver over half of the medical records exchanged in the US each year
  • Cora SeQuence, Genpact's suite of intelligent business process management technologies, is core to the platform

Realizing the benefits

  • With streamlined processes, HealthSource now delivers medical records faster, with greater accuracy and security
  • Ciox can now provide abstraction and other data and analytics services to life sciences clients


In the healthcare industry, information is power

For Ciox, every request for medical records represents a real person. And every data point informs the choices made by patients, providers, insurers, and life sciences companies. Each request is a vital step in a process that supports quality of life, treatment plans, and ­financial and legal decisions. Being able to access, review, and share accurate medical information at speed is essential.

From over 1,600 locations across the US, Ciox helps clients manage, protect, and leverage health information. For decades, health information management relied on disparate systems, complex authorizations, and paper-based records. It also required manual processes for tracking, pricing, and delivering medical records across a vast geographical footprint.

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As a forward-thinking company, Ciox recognized that health information needed to be digital information. “We needed to connect and streamline data management," says Pete McCabe, chief executive officer, Ciox. “But that is no easy task when you're dealing with incredibly sensitive medical information. Of course, protecting the privacy of patients is always our number-one priority."

To comply with regulations, Ciox must use secure methods to share medical information with an authorized requester in a timely manner. Medicare, a US federal health insurance program, can even penalize medical information providers for failing to meet ­ling deadlines. Addressing this requirement can be incredibly complex when "timely" is defined by national, state-level, and even contract-specific rules.

Ciox – formed in 2016 by unifying six regional companies – needed to adopt digital technologies to transform how it delivered information to clients more quickly. It sought to increase productivity and efficiency by reimagining its processes and deploying a centralized solution across multiple locations.


A revolutionary approach to medical information management

In 2016, each unit inside Ciox relied on different processes and systems of record – a legacy from when it operated as various unique entities before consolidation. As a result, data-collection methods differed drastically across locations. It was also challenging to aggregate data and orchestrate reports for an accurate picture of performance.

Ciox turned to Genpact for support. A team of process consultants, technology architects, and Six Sigma experts visited multiple locations to understand the scope of Ciox's operations and make recommendations. To realize Ciox's vision of a revolutionary medical information management system, we standardized and centralized data and processes. Plus, we embedded robotic process automation in certain tasks, so employees could refocus on higher-value work. After a successful pilot, Ciox rolled out this digitally enabled way of working companywide.

Case Study

A connected approach for the digital future of healthcare

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Having streamlined processes, the Genpact and Ciox teams worked together to use Cora SeQuence to build Ciox HealthSource, and deploy it across its 1,600 locations and 10,000 users. As a cloud-based data-management and workflow automation solution, HealthSource can scale to handle all the medical information exchanged in the US each year. This medical information management platform also allows Ciox to provide analytical insights to all players in its ecosystem (­Figure 1).

Figure 1

The demand for data through HealthSource


Figure 1

Genpact consultants created transition plans for implementing HealthSource to ensure every employee could adopt the new solution as soon as it debuted (figure 2).

Figure 2

Developing HealthSource


Figure 2


An agile, digitally enabled approach across multiple locations

After thorough planning, Ciox employees quickly adopted the solution. In the 12 months since implementation across the US, the platform now has over 7,000 active users (with a goal to reach 10,000) and processes 40 million information requests each year. This boosts customer satisfaction by making sure that authorized requesters receive their information faster and with greater accuracy.

With more parts of its business and operations managed through the HealthSource platform. Ciox can now redistribute its workforce across higher-value projects and services.

This is just the start of Ciox's journey with a digital-­first operating model.

“HealthSource is an essential part of our business strategy," says McCabe. “Having a fully scalable clinical data platform is key to improving information management for the US healthcare market and every patient that it serves. Working with Genpact helped us to create the foundation for the future."

The stakes for Ciox's future are high. Three out of ­five hospitals and more than 16,000 physician practices in the US rely on Ciox – as do countless health insurance plans, law firms and, most importantly, the millions of patients those stakeholders serve. As Ciox enters the faster, more digitally enabled future of healthcare, HealthSource will get the right data to the right people at the right time so every patient receives the care they need, exactly when they need it.

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