Cora LiveWealth

Cora LiveWealth is a unique, AI-powered, wealth management solution built to transform the client and advisor experience.

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Cora LiveWealth Highlights

  • 3
    of top 5 wealth management companies rely on Cora LiveWealth (Barron's list)
  • 90
    improvement in data readiness for quarterly and on-demand reporting
  • 2
    documents digitized and normalized every day
  • Multi-custodian aggregation

    Cora LiveWealth automates all forms of data gathering, digitization, and normalization.

  • Powerful analytics and reporting

    A portfolio analytics engine provides industry-standard performance reporting models.

Multi-custodian aggregation

Cora LiveWealth automatically extracts data from most major international custodians, and creates a normalized view with 100% accuracy.

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Wealth managers take their business to the next level

Robust performance and risk analytics

The system's analytics engine delivers customized portfolio performance reporting models with comprehensive audit trails.

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75% efficiency gains in performance reporting dazzle a top wealth manager​

Non-intrusive automation

Genpact's AI wealth management solution fits easily, flexibly, and quickly into a firm's existing technology and process environment.

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Genpact Cora LiveWealth uses AI to automatically gather, extract and normalize custodial statements, and reduces reporting time from 30 days to real-time.

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