Corporate Governance

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The Genpact Board

Our corporate governance practices begin with our independent Board of Directors. All our directors possess rich multi-industry experience and are recognized for their contribution in their chosen professions. They bring to our Board varied perspectives and insights. Our Board has established an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee and a Nominating and Governance Committee to assist in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities.

Our Risk Management Framework

Our governance framework ensures that we have a process to identify, measure, and manage risks responsibly. We conduct risk assessments annually at the level of the entity, business segment and business process, leading to effective statutory, policy and process compliances. The Board of Directors is responsible for monitoring risk levels, while the management team oversees the implementation of mitigation initiatives.

Rigorous Internal Controls

We have an internal audit function that reports directly to our Audit Committee. The internal audit team reviews and reports on internal controls within the organization. Process, financial, and compliance risks identified through risk assessments are reviewed by the management followed by adopting an adequate audit plan, with the approval of the Audit Committee, to address potential risks. Members of the internal audit team are rotated every 18 months to ensure independence. External auditors are invited to conduct audits involving complex areas.

Code of Conduct

We have adopted a Code of Ethical Business Conduct that applies to all employees. Every employee is responsible for his or her own actions, and proper business conduct and ethical behavior are fundamental conditions of employment. Any employee, regardless of job or title, who observes or becomes aware of unethical or unlawful activity, is obligated to report such activity immediately. Employees are also urged to discuss any concerns regarding improper conduct with the appropriate individuals. We believe that our actions should always be guided by our core values of honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, dependability, respect, and citizenship. Our clients choose to work with us because we provide them with services that drive business value in an ethical, honest and transparent manner, supported by a strong governance framework. Our rigorous internal controls, business values and focus on controllership help us create enduring client trust.

To learn more about Genpact, please visit the About Us page.