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Generating Smart Infrastructure Management Impact

Genpact’s pace is always ahead of current market trends, and we continue to move into new capabilities with our automation in IT services space. According to the Gartner hype cycle, IT process automation (ITPA) is hugely underpenetrated, by roughly 15-20%, is the next big step for producing high impact, and will mature over the next five to ten years. Genpact aims to help its clients gain value in APS engagements and across the service stack through ITPA consulting and implementation.

Through ITPA, Genpact provides standardized automation of disparate processes, which allows IT services to improve QoS, increase capacity, and reduce cost by removing human intervention wherever possible. Almost all IT services running on run-book-based operations benefit from this. In an early attempt to gauge the effectiveness of our approach, Genpact piloted ITPA in existing engagements, and found that productivity increased by 41% over the first six months.

Together with its robust operations methodologies and extensive experience in APS, Genpact enables its clients to achieve overall IT cost reduction by as much as 20%, and offers significant year-on-year productivity improvements.

Genpact leverages its partner model with ITPA tool vendors to integrate these services into its ITMS offerings.


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Our ITPA Model

Unlike traditional methods of automating existing operations, ITPA provides an array of tools that can readily interface with all existing loosely-coupled systems, while removing most of the reactive chain of operations and being 100% proactive. This also requires significantly less time for developing and building systems than in the traditional approach, and can easily be sustained on its own without human effort and resources.

IT Process Automation Methodology
Genpact recommends the application of this methodology in the most efficient and effort-saving way. The steps involved in its implementation are:

  • Capture data: listening by event collection, analysis, and correlation
  • Process automation: activating an intelligent rule-based dynamic workflow solution builder
  • Bi-directional communication: distributing tasks based on solution and knowledge base, and communicating or escalating via a variety of interfaces, like mail, SMS, or phone calls
  • Manage and control: execution with remote commands, mobile control, and real time indicators

IT Process Automation benefits

  • 100% plug and play – Genpact provides ITPA services by managing its ITPA tool, which once attached to applications and systems, can build and assist in the creation of workflows, taking actions based on data, workflow, and communication plans
  • Wide area of usage – While automation can reduce more than 80% of all manual run-book-based monitoring and actions, it can also enable any remote commands to be executed and broadcast real time indicators to set receivers
  • Always proactive – Unlike in traditional methods of automation, process automation starts before any occurrences of repeated incidents or alerts, with data and information feeding into workflows at all steps
  • Low implementation costs – As it is plug-and-play in nature, ITPA implementation requires very little cost and efforts
  • Day 1 ROI – The plug-and-play nature of our solution makes results instantaneous. Productivity also improves over time, as when more and more workflows are created and put into force