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Generating Retail Impact

Retail customers are no longer loyal to a brand or store or channel. Convenience, promotions, and price points easily lure the consumer away to other stores or channels. The multitude of choices is redefining the omni-channel customers' expectation of experience at every point of shopping, bringing additional focus on increased customer intimacy and channel expansion.

Genpact's deep retail expertise and experience helps retail companies combat the twin pressures of competition and consumer price sensitivity by improving the targeting of promotions to the customers, increasing customer loyalty, and improving the performance of key processes to eliminate bottlenecks and increase satisfaction.


We make retail operations intelligent by designing, transforming, and running their processes through advanced operating models that harness technology and analytics through appropriate organizational design, focused to where they can deliver the most impact. We call the result Intelligent OperationsSM Our solutions include:

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Finance and Accounting (F&A)
Leveraging the world's largest pool of F&A specialists, Genpact manages millions of invoices, and more than US$1 billion in trade funds accounting for thousands of retail store locations around the world. Genpact Finance and Accounting services include Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Accounting, Closing & Reporting (ACR), Treasury, Tax Services, Financial Planning & Analysis, and F&A Systems of Engagement.

Supply chain services
End-to-end support for improved demand forecasting, fulfillment, inventory management, logistics, tighter process controls, and more effective supplier relationships.

Trade promotions
Comprehensive trade promotion optimization and management services, including advisory and research, promotion management, fund management, settlements, claims and deduction resolution, forecasting and modeling, and post-event evaluation.

Multi-channel customer service
Genpact's multi-channel customer service solutions leverage advanced operating models that make our clients more competitive as they help them to grow and manage costs, risks, and compliance. Our offerings include support for acquisition and sales, customer care, product, and technical support.

Data-to-Action AnalyticsSM
We treat analytics as the key component of the Data-to-ActionSM process, and help clients reimagine their business process to generate breakthrough business impact. Our analytics offerings cover information science, research content and presentation services and key functions such as marketing, sales and services, supply chain, risk, and finance and accounting.

We leverage technology such as cloud based software as a service (SaaS), process driven solutions including mobile and advanced visualization, IT services, end user computing support and remote infrastructure management to ensure that business process operations run effectively and efficiently.

Our Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) proprietary framework helps companies reimagine how they operate by integrating effective Systems of EngagementTM, core IT, and Data-to-Action AnalyticsSM, and generate impact quickly because of our business domain expertise and experience running complex operations.


Insights from Genpact

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