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Generating Smarter Analytics

Monitoring competitive scenarios to understand and predict the next possible move—knowing what the competitors are determined to do before they do it, is the biggest challenge Competitive Intelligence (CI) managers face. This involves tactful collection/collation of data, analysis of information and the generation of meaningful insights to enable the making of informed business decisions.

At Genpact, we understand the challenges faced by the Life Sciences and medical devices industries and the importance of having the right data at the right time. On the healthcare front, issues ranging from changes in business models to reduced product/plan differentiation are making both payers and providers re-envisage their competitive
di­fferentiators. We adopt an objective-driven approach that enables us to provide the most relevant actionable insights through our competitor reports and benchmarking exercises.

Genpact excels at providing a cross-section of information on various relevant stakeholders, such as manufacturers, distributors, industry experts, hospitals, pharmacies, employers, and patients, to create a completely customized, multi-lingual view.


Genpact’s solution breadth is spread across four broad areas of research—ongoing, tactical, strategic, and predictive. Our approach is to look at these requirements objectively and create solutions that give an advanced level of clarity on information. Our three-pillar approach involves:

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Ongoing Competitive Intelligence

  • Customized and continuous monitoring of competition (businesses, market/sales, and customer intelligence and competitive landscaping)
  • Social media monitoring (competitors, customers, brand perception, and market sentiments through a social web analytics tool)

Tactical Competitive Intelligence

  • Product benchmarking and profiling (financial performance, marketing spend, compensation and benefits, and sales force deployment)
  • Therapeutic areas/Mechanism of Action/Technology Pipeline assessment

Strategic Competitive Intelligence

  • Strategic profiling (market size, research and development activities, performance history, key events, and forecasted future moves)
  • Competitor multi-channel promotion analysis (identification, analysis, and deployment of various promotional channels, and their reach and effectiveness)
  • Business war gaming

Additionally, our Predictive CI services create solutions based on advanced analytical methods—data triangulation, qualitative studies, and quantitative and predictive modeling.

Our mix of people (PhDs and post graduates in medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology) and technology (Buzz metrics, Radian 6, and in-house text mining tools, VBA, SAS, SPSS, MS Access, Business Objects, Crystal Ball, Siebel, Xcelcius) enables us to provide the most apt solution for your requirements.