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When Technology meets Experience

Digital transformation is about much more than just technology. Successful transformation also requires experience and a fresh perspective on how digital impacts customers. When technology and experience are delivered through a flexible platform, it enables companies to begin the journey from automation to artificial intelligence. Add in human experience, innovation, and curiosity and you have our approach to digital transformation.

At Genpact, we create compelling customer journeys by engaging with our clients end-to-end. We optimize operations by combating inefficiency with digital technology. We unlock revenues by helping our clients truly transform their value proposition. We do all of this by combining deep process experience, advanced technologies and powerful analytics and delivering them quickly and at scale through our AI-based platform, Genpact Cora. This enables our clients to reach their full potential by extending the power of digital throughout their entire organization.


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Visit the Lean Digital Innovation Center in Silicon Valley to learn how Genpact combines advanced technologies, deep domain expertise, design thinking and powerful actionable analytics for rapid digital transformation at scale.


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