Omnichannel Customer Service

Call Quality Optimization

Generating Smart Customer Service Impact

Call quality is an integral part of the customer experience and can generate significant impact via revenue conversion. Despite this, many contact centers suffer from suboptimal call quality due to inadequate tracking and monitoring tools and processes, and insufficient resources. Genpact's Call Quality Optimizer, part of our Omnichannel Customer Service portfolio, improves call quality through segmented monitoring, performance analytics, and agent training.


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Genpact designs, transforms, and runs customer service operations that help organizations generate revenue and manage cost, risk, and compliance. We architect the Lean DigitalSM enterprise by combining design-thinking principles with Lean practices, digital technologies and analytics, and deep domain expertise. Our approach reimagines organizations beyond the front, middle, and back office to deliver end-to-end customer service solutions that deliver business impact.

Genpact’s Call Quality Optimizer helps clients align their contact center objectives to business outcomes, monitor and analyze agent performance, and provide feedback and training to enhance the overall customer experience. Through a center of excellence approach, Genpact’s clients gain access to experienced call quality coaches, specialized analytics, and innovative call-monitoring technology.

We draw on our expertise in designing and running customer service operations for global clients across industries. We service more than 15 million end customers, and our quality coaches evaluate more than 70,000 calls per month.


We generate impact by improving contact center governance and management, and linking organizations’ customer service strategies to business outcomes. We commit to improving call quality metrics, such as, customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) by 10–15%, which increases customer retention and revenue conversion, and reduces delinquencies.