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On Demand Content Creation

Generating Content Impact

Today, the need to make outsourced content solutions available on demand is critical as access to comparable in-house resources declines. We provide On Demand Content services for non-core, vendor-based activities in several areas: Business Research (Articles and News search, Company and Competitor Analysis, Market, Industry and Geographic trends, M&A support, Conceptual studies), Document Creation (PowerPoint and Word document creation, Brochure Prep, Job-Aids, Certificates, Graphic Designing, E-learning Modules, Creative Writing) and Analysis (Spreadsheet Support, Data Analysis, Reporting and Publishing, Advanced Statistical Analysis, Advanced Financial Analysis, Market Research).


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We begin by helping managers to focus on strategic and higher-value tasks. Use of a pay-per-use model featuring a one-stop shopping channel—coupled with predefined service rates—further eliminates the need for individuals to negotiate. Such an evolved working model enables customers to jumpstart a new project, gain access to instant expertise, catch-up on time consuming tasks and gain greater efficiency.