Transformation and Consulting


Generating Collections Transformation Impact

Disciplined analysis of collection data and subsequent application of best practices can vastly improve process effectiveness and cash flow. But before these steps can be taken, something else must happen. The key to any successful reengineering of collections, Genpact believes, is the strong involvement of those who run the process day-to-day.

These hands-on players must be intimately involved in the capture of data, analysis of difficult issues, and germination of breakthrough ideas for redesigning a much-improved process. We also recognize the importance of focusing on customer profile, delinquent accounts, payment patterns, operational strategy and the like. Finally, the scope of the project must include study of the upstream linkages such as order-management and billing, and downstream drivers such as cash application, dispute management, and reconciliations.


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We begin by studying as-is process conditions. Lead efforts include development of operation metrics, dashboards, staffing, and a review of call scheduling, and monitoring reports. Then we measure and baseline performance according to the type of contract, billing query, dispute, and other parameters. Subsequent workshop analysis features cross-functional teams collaboratively formulating solutions.