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Stringent reporting requirements, transformation of revenue authorities and their technology platforms change tax reporting. Genpact's Tax Compliance Services help businesses lighten the load and focus on transparency, facilitating cross-border collaboration, process efficiency and effectiveness, and visibility and control over local compliance outside headquarters. Our clients benefit from Genpact's broad, country-specific knowledge and tax accounting expertise, which we have successfully applied for global enterprises in multiple industries, as well as our ability to operate intelligently, at scale.


Genpact Tax Compliance Services, part of our Finance and Accounting (F&A) portfolio, help clients minimize the risk of forfeiture and maximize future benefits via a wide range of tax process and operations management solutions.

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We design, transform, and run intelligent operations that provide comprehensive tax compliance support for corporate and transactional taxes. In addition, we prepare premium tax returns for insurance businesses, assist in VAT and S&U filings and associated reconciliations, prepare U.S. federal and property tax returns, and provide information regarding U.S. use tax for nexus studies, response for notice.

Our solutions include: 

  • Tax accounting, effective tax rate analysis, foreign tax credits, and balance sheet analysis
  • Reconciliation of provision and deferred tax accounts, valuation allowances, Fin 48 reserves, and state taxes
  • Corporate direct tax returns
  • Transactional tax returns, including VAT, S&U tax, property tax, and premium tax
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation

We use a varied range of effective analytical tools and technologies for our clients' tax processes. In addition, Genpact's tax compliance expertise extends to proprietary and top-of-the-market tools, such as Tax Stream, Onesource, and Global Integrator.


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