Support Functions

Support functions from Genpact are designed to improve collections contact strategies and enhance the efficiency of the collections call center functions. Based on our process focus and strong emphasis on analytics and technology, our solutions drive bottom line impact by increasing contacts and enhancing agent productivity. Our emphasis on maximizing results stems from a history of providing continuous process improvements and implementing effective collections support. We offer a wide range of services including analytics, dialer strategies, and workforce management to enhance the collections calling process.


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At the center of our approach is a belief in the value of strong analytics. We provide a scientific approach that accurately identifies who to contact and the best times and methods of approach. Our analytics include scorecard development for predictive models, roll-rate reduction strategies, forecasting and capacity planning, management of information systems (MIS), and reporting. We offer services that analyze business trends and agent productivity. This enables companies to streamline the collection process and enhance efficiency for true business impact.

We offer support services from global centers. This allows us to customize support based on client needs and align our specialized services for the best results. We offer dialer operations and manage campaigns for locations in India, the U.S., the Philippines, and Latin America. By automatically dialing and screening calls, dialers increase agent efficiency and enhance collections outcomes.

In addition to dialer support, we offer workforce management. By utilizing innovative analytics, we forecast call volume to schedule and provide the right amount of staff for the right times. These schedules are periodically checked for continued accuracy and optimization of employee effectiveness.


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