Support Functions

Generating Collections Impact

Often, high costs in collections are driven by inefficient and manual support processes. The manual nature of support processes also makes them prone to error and in need of high oversight. Based on our process focus and strong emphasis on analytics and digital technologies, our solutions drive bottom-line impact by increasing contacts and enhancing agent productivity. Our emphasis on maximizing results stems from a history of providing continuous process improvements and implementing effective collections support. We offer a wide range of services including vendor management, workforce management, collections training module development, and other operations related support to enhance the delinquency management process.


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Genpact support functions deploy a mix of analytics and digital technologies to support core operations. Our workforce management strategies are developed based on prime-time calling, inbound call interval analytics, and other variables which ensure optimal staffing to drive maximum impact. Our vendor management strategies consist of champion challenger models, which ensure distribution of accounts based on vendor strength, incentives to drive higher performance, and qualitative delivery to ensure delinquency reduction. Our solutions draw on Genpact’s Lean DigitalSM approach, which harnesses design-thinking methods, Lean principles, digital technologies and analytics, and deep domain expertise.