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Generating Collections Impact

The challenges facing the collections process are increasing. An uncertain economic climate, dynamic lending scenarios, and fast-changing regulatory environments are all driving higher delinquency, which is making collections more difficult. As a result, delinquent debt is rising while top-line growth is slowing. With unique capabilities that combine industry-specific process management with a global, talented workforce and patented technology and analytics, Genpact has developed a comprehensive approach to collections. It’s one that diminishes revenue loss even as it maintains high compliance standards, and enhances the customer experience.


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Genpact’s collections solution are built on our Lean DigitalSM approach that harnesses design-thinking methods, Lean principles to enable end-to-end process redesign, advanced digital technologies, and domain knowledge.

With a focus on process efficiency and effectiveness, Genpact’s multilingual staff manages a collections portfolio of over $10 billion. Our collections framework focuses on holistic debt management that aims to prevent delinquency. Moreover, it combines industry-leading best practices, benchmarks, and domain-specific nuances to create customized solutions that improve the customer experience, reduce costs, and enhance regulatory adherence.

To enhance business outcomes across the collections’ lifecycle, our global team of experts leverages Genpact’s proprietary Digital Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework to link key process drivers.