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Our research and analytics solutions for the financial services industry address multiple challenges: slow turnaround time; uncoordinated processes that fail to learn from experience; junior resources turnover that inhibits knowledge retention; cost pressures around onshore capacity creation; and limited automation and technology. Guided by our Lean DigitalSMapproach, we help financial services firms re-architect their operations. Our scalable delivery streamlines research and analytics operations to support growth and business agility.


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With over 1,700 professionals who have advanced qualifications in finance and management, we provide services across multiple areas, including:

Investment research and advisory:

  • Company profiles
  • Trading and transaction comparables
  • Benchmarking, valuation and summary, including football field analysis
  • Financial interloper research and analysis
  • Sector support services
  • Thematic reports

Equity, fixed income, currencies and commodities research:

Equity research:

  • Financial modeling and company valuation
  • Initiating coverage reports
  • Business and industry analysis including outlook and forecast
  • Investment thesis
  • Company model updates
  • Periodic publications and updates
  • Earnings notes
  • Special situations/events coverage

Fixed income:

  • Document/covenant/spread/yield analysis
  • Market risk and counterparty credit research
  • Issuer ratings research
  • Counterparty probability of default (PD) modeling
  • Independent price verification

Currencies and commodities:

  • Foreign exchange spot and forward research
  • Hedging strategies
  • Periodic updates and special situation notes
  • Bespoke services
  • Demand/supply study across all commodity classes

Debt/credit research and advisory:

  • Leverage finance
  • Debt restructuring
  • Investment grade
  • Structured finance

Equity capital markets

  • IPO analysis
  • Macroeconomic research
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Security analysis

Asset management and Private Equity/Venture Capital support:

Newsletters, sell-side research reviews, financial modeling and valuations, portfolio management support, RFP support, client reporting, quantitative research, and company and thematic reports.

Business and social media research:

Industry/sector analysis, opportunity assessment, customer and competitive intelligence, customer experience management, aggregation and analysis of social media conversations, and monitoring of social media KPIs.

Presentation services:

Rebranding library of existing materials, translation and localization support in 40+ languages, digital marketing, multimedia, presentations, web services, marketing portals, intranets, microsites, and splashes.

Robust delivery of our research services is enabled by:

Mobile Applications which provide the ability to raise requests anytime, from anywhere. Customers can click a picture and directly send over to a presentation specialist to block resource time in advance. Customers can also track progress, review deliverables while traveling, and schedule a discussion with offshore teams — all at the click of a button.

Command Center for real-time productivity dashboards, which enable financial services firms to monitor resource utilization and productivity at the level of the research hub, function, or analyst. We follow an intelligent team-allocation mechanism based on capacity utilization and responsive feedback to improve processes.

Automation of repetitive tasks, such as updating research databases, reduces execution time, enables faster turnaround, improves data quality, increases accuracy, and facilitates effective knowledge management