Life Sciences

Commercial Contract Operations

Generating Life Sciences Impact

Life sciences organizations realize the need to transform their commercial contract operations to reduce revenue leakage, provide greater transparency and auditability, while continuing to execute more complex contracts.


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Genpact’s partnerships with leading-edge commercial contract operations solution providers  combined with our Lean DigitalSM approach brings together design-thinking, Lean principles, deep domain expertise, and process-centric digital technologies.  We provide innovative operating models, streamlined contract pricing, efficient contract management operations, and reduced costs while increasing overall quality and timeliness. Our solutions include:

Contract Pricing Solutions
Contract performance analysis across all sales channels through account segmentation based on contract types, customer, products, and volumes. Contract formulation services, including formulary management and contract development based on rebates, chargebacks, and incentives, in addition to creating deal-specific price range guidance and discounts

Contract Maintenance Solutions
Cleaning master data, identifying under-performing contracts and customers, and measuring analyst productivity enables enterprises to streamline contract setup and maintenance ensuring quality and compliance.

Contract Transaction Solutions
Claims processing, compliance/performance reporting, and over-payment analytics help enterprises reduce contract administration errors, revenue leakage, and over-payments while optimizing rebates, minimizing regulatory violations, and improving performance visibility.

Contract Technology Solutions
Contract technology solutions on the cloud, with platform, process and analytics capabilities to  streamline contract management activities and enable alignment to strategy with execution

Gross-to-Net Solutions
Best-in-class technology partner led solutions that integrated with leading ERP solutions and improve forecasting, pricing and risk mitigation, fully compliant with SOX and with HDMA directives, and SAS70 audits

Contract Robotics and  Machine Learning Solutions
Automated solutions for data extraction and indexing in existing contract indexing and contract upload processes to eliminate manual intervention, and boost standardization to drive efficiency and productivity improvements