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Generating AML/KYC Impact

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives have emerged as important focus areas for financial institutions given increasing regulatory scrutiny, hefty penalties for non-compliance, and challenges associated with acquiring the “right" customers. In parallel, emerging digitally empowered competitors and thinning profit margins are forcing financial institutions to onboard clients rapidly, while keeping KYC and AML status checks updated at minimal cost. Genpact helps financial institutions design, transform, and run AML and KYC processes while addressing increasing regulatory compliance, revenue assurance, operational risks and costs.


Genpact AML services encompass the following:

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With more than 30 clients in the banking and financial services industry our solutions span:

Process standardization
Genpact drives AML process standardization for zero defects and higher compliance. We help financial institutions define standardization across regions, assess current processes, design blueprints based on best practices, and implement process and technology solutions across the enterprise.

AML Center of Excellence (CoE)
Genpact has established more than 40 CoEs for 400+ clients and 30,000 agents. We design, build, and operate CoEs or enable the financial institutions to optimize existing AML CoEs and global AML operations.

Internal audit
Genpact provides internal audit services for risk management processes across regions and business units with country-specific adaptations. Genpact focuses on evaluating end-to-end process risks and operating effectiveness of mitigating controls, using a statistical sampling methodology.

PEP screening to identify politically exposed persons (PEPs), including their associates and family members, within banks' customers. Genpact deploys a suitable world-class screening platform and review alerts to eliminate false positives.

Sanction screening to review transactions for sanctioned entities, whether office of foreign assets control (OFAC), specially designated nationals (SDNs), HM treasury (HMT), and each country. Our risk experts leverage Genpact's Six Sigma-based methodology, which offers the capability and scalability required for a global sanction screening operation.

Alert review services to eliminate false positives. With extensive capabilities on all major screening platforms we provide for temporary load spikes.

Actimize implementation and maintenance, data sourcing, and extract, transform, load (ETL) services. Headstrong, Genpact's technology subsidiary, is one of Actimize's largest global implementation partners. We assess source systems, perform data gap analysis against data requirements of monitoring systems, identify sources for procuring missing data, and define ETL architecture. We also provide service level agreement (SLA) driven support across the ETL, batch jobs, Actimize models, and integrated reports.

Fraud analytics solutions to help financial institutions monitor and mitigate fraudulent activities. Genpact leverages its expertise in predictive modeling, strategic analysis, neural network technology, and extensive understanding of complex fraud behavior to offer effective fraud management.


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