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Rising regulatory scrutiny of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs and increasing penalties for non-compliance have challenged financial institutions with the need to strengthen their Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes. In parallel, the financial crisis and its aftermath have forced financial institutions to significantly reduce operating expenditures, limiting the funds available for risk mitigation and compliance-related activities, including Know Your Customer (KYC) data management and process improvements and KYC remediation. With more than 30 clients in the Banking and Financial Services industry, Genpact helps organizations streamline the AML process, design, build, and run intelligent operations.

Our diverse and experienced workforce of AML consulting and risk professionals supports clients worldwide in maintaining strong compliance standards with the following solutions:

  • AML process standardization for zero defects and higher compliance;
  • Global template of AML processes based on US, FATF, and EU guidelines; and,
  • Single view of customers, applications, and reference data 30–40% cost advantage over traditional alternatives.


Genpact AML services encompass the following:

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Ongoing PEP screening
Genpact can help identify politically exposed persons (PEPs), including their associates and family members, within the bank's customers. Genpact will deploy a suitable world-class screening platform and review alerts to eliminate false positives.

Sanction screening
Genpact reviews transactions for sanctioned entities, whether OFAC, SDNs, HMT, and each country. Genpact risk experts bring a comprehensive understanding of global AML operations. We have designed a Six Sigma-based methodology that offers the capability and scalability required for a global sanction screening operation.

Alert review services
Alerts raised by monitoring systems must be reviewed manually. Genpact reviews monitoring alerts to eliminate false positives. We can help manage costs while providing for temporary load spikes. Genpact has extensive capabilities on all major screening platforms.

Actimize implementation
Genpact provides end-to-end Actimize platform implementation. Headstrong, Genpact's technology subsidiary, is one of Actimize's largest global implementation partners.

Genpact also provides data sourcing and ETL services for Actimize implementation.

Genpact has the capability to assess the source systems and data gap analysis against the data requirements of the monitoring systems, identify sources for procuring missing data elements, and define the ETL architecture.

Fraud analytics
Genpact provides analytics to monitor potential fraud in banks and FIs. Genpact provides specialized fraud analytics for financial services companies. We add value through our expertise in predictive modeling, strategic analysis, neural network technology, and an understanding of complex fraud behavior.

Platform maintenance
Genpact provides SLA-driven support across the ETL, batch jobs, Actimize models, and integrated reports.

AML hub implementation
Genpact has implemented more than 40 delivery centers for 400+ clients and 30,000 agents. We can help design/build and enable or improve global AML business services from an operational hub.

Process standardization
Genpact offers advisory services to financial institutions to help define standardization across regions, subsuming country-specific regulations where possible. This service involves assessing the current process, designing a blueprint based on best practices, and then implementing process and technology solutions across the enterprise.

Internal audit
Genpact provides internal audit services of risk management processes across regions and business units with country-specific adaptations. Genpact focuses on evaluating the end-to-end process risks and the design and operating effectiveness of mitigating controls, using a statistical sampling methodology.


Genpact's Intelligent OperationsSM helps deploy advanced operating models that address specific industry needs and foster growth, manage cost, and drive compliance across business functions in the commercial banking industry. Our broader enterprise-level approach determines key links between processes and establishes detailed benchmarks to provide continued process improvement. This approach transforms business processes and generates greater growth and profitability to help clients reach their goals. Some of the successes include:

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