Asset Finance

GRADE - Industrial Loan Management Platform

Generating Banking Impact

Genpact offers a scalable cloud-based originations system, which helps clients streamline processes for asset finance, commercial & industrial loans, commercial real estate, and small business banking. GRADE also offers features that facilitate risk management and portfolio management.

With over $10Bn in lending volume, GRADE caters to the industry's continuously evolving needs, delivering services for top-tier banks & financial service companies. Built from the ground up with compliance in mind, GRADE is an integrated platform for all front and middle office functions and provides 100% audit coverage.


GRADE delivers business efficiency and a differentiated customer experience for our clients across the globe. Our services include:

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Workflow & Rules Management
Industry standard BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) is used to easily define & manage complex business logic, enabling clients to quickly respond to changing business needs. Robust rules engine allows for straight-through processing from application to booking.

Regulatory Compliance
Snapshot transaction versioning makes auditing easy at the field level and facilitates compliance requirements such as Reg B & NOIA. Additionally, GRADE provides one stop shop for other compliance checks such as OFAC/KYC by integrating the origination system to credit bureaus and pulling the information just with a click of a button.

GRADE provides a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to effortlessly integrate with third party systems such as customer relationship management (CRM), back-office, credit bureaus, Moodys and UCC to name a few. GRADE can be easily integrated with multiple back office products as well.

For example, a bi-directional integration with Moody's allows GRADE to use hundreds of data fields for a transaction and/or trigger rating and pulls from Moody's based on the defined rules. We also offer a pre-built connector to (SFDC), supporting integration of all major objects including leads, opportunities, products, task, cases and documents.

Document Generation & Management
Documents are generated dynamically by leveraging data throughout the origination process, increasing efficiency and eliminating re-keying errors.

Versioning, check-in & check-out functionality, indexing, role-based access, and event-based processing provide complete visibility, and a secure, compliant, easy way to find and access any document. GRADE can easily be integrated with third party imaging & content systems to reference or store documents


Genpact worked with a leading US Bank to streamline the commercial lending process across the bank. The team participated in a thorough Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of the existing system architecture and business workflows with customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance as the key focus area. Genpact then implemented GRADE loan origination system to eliminate gaps and streamline the loan processes. Our recommendations and GRADE implementation resulted in: