Systems of Engagement

Generating Digital Impact: Systems of Engagement

Our Systems of Engagement (SoETM) form an agile solutions layer that complements clients’ System of Records, helping organizations realize rapid time-to-value in optimizing operational performance and business agility. These solutions drive a truly integrated approach to designing, transforming, and running advanced operations. They make operations more intelligent by enhancing their efficiency, effectiveness, and governance at scale. They do this through:

Data-to-insight-to-action analytics – end-to-end business process analytics embedded within enterprise operations provide deep insights for driving business outcomes.

Configurable process capabilities – easily configured and extensible rules-based capabilities help meet compliance requirements and dynamically changing business needs.

Advanced visualization and easy point-and-click interactions – allow business users to readily cut through complexity with intuitive pictorial and easy to use interfaces.

Enterprise-wide collaboration between globally distributed teams – optimizes knowledge sharing and enables greater innovation, faster problem resolution, and improved execution.

Mobile-enabled business operations – empower users to conduct business anytime, anywhere with converged solution capabilities on their individual mobile devices.

Zero-footprint, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions – minimally invasive to the current IT operations environment. Our SoETM runs on the largest cloud computing platform in the world, providing the highest levels of security, performance, scalability, reliability, and disaster recovery in line with the highest IT standards in the industry. 


Our SoETM for Finance and Accounting (F&A) and core industry operations consists of best-in-class solutions based on best practices from decades of F&A and core process operational excellence.

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Enterprise Performance Analytics: A performance monitoring and reporting portal with a repository of over 250 SLAs with dashboards showing performance against targets, comparison against benchmarks, advanced drill down capabilities, alerts, and user-configured reporting.

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Unified Collaboration: A comprehensive communication and collaboration platform supporting synchronous and asynchronous interactions, workforce visibility, operation health, and governance monitoring, enabling open innovation to harness and develop new operational ideas.

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AR Management: A credit, collections, dispute resolution, forecasting, cash application, and electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) system to unlock strategic working capital through O2C automation.

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Enterprise Supplier Management: An accounts payable automation system providing consolidated spend visibility and enabling prompt invoice payments through the automation of supplier setup, invoice receipt and capture, invoice submission, approvals and exception management, supplier portal, discount management, spend visibility, and process analytics.

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Financial Controllership Suite: A single, integrated record-to-report automation platform that significantly reduces Close, Consolidation, and Financial Reporting process times by automating reconciliation processes across balance sheet categories, journal entries, inter-company transactions, Close processes, and Reporting activities.

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Technology Partnership Solutions: We have a solid network of technology partners for providing clients with solutions at the right cost and with the right levels of capability and flexibility.

Geographic/Industry Solutions: We offer a range of solutions to meet specific industry (such as financial services) or geography-specific requirements.


Process Lifecycle Manager: Comprehensive workflow management system that automates activity management, calendaring and scheduling, workflow and approval, reporting, and analytics, enabling seamless orchestration between multiple business processes and users and ensuring that process transactions are processed right the first time, with significantly lower cycle times.

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Rapid Automation: A visually programmable process automation (autonomics) solution that enables automation in manual, repetitive, and rules-based processes by emulating operator actions resulting in significant FTE savings. These software robots work 24/7 with minimal/no integration with client IT systems.

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