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Customer service is the cornerstone of retention, loyalty, and long-term revenue growth - an opportunity, not just a cost. However, many global organizations struggle to achieve the operational efficiencies that would help them to outcompete - for instance through increased First Contact Resolution (FCR), personalizing marketing strategies, targeting offers, and offering products based on customer behavior and attributes - at scale and cost effectively. Genpact's Multi-channel Customer Service operational solutions generate business impact such as higher efficiency and lower costs for lead generation, customer experience management, and customer service across the many channels modern customers now use to interact with businesses.


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Genpact has been delivering multi-channel customer service outsourcing since 1998. We help designing, transforming, and running their processes through a practical use of advanced operating models, technology and analytics, focused on where they can deliver the most impact. We call the result Intelligent OperationsSM.

Our advanced analytics and social media drive smarter customer interactions, satisfying customer experiences, and higher customer satisfaction.

Our proprietary Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework helps companies reimagine how they operate by integrating technology and Data-to-Action AnalyticsSM. It leverages our 17 years of cross-industry experience in business process services and global contact center expertise to generate impact from end to end of each process and across the enterprise. Using innovative contact center analytics and process design (reengineering), we solve customer care issues at their core. Our automated solutions for instance reduce incoming call volumes, reserving voice calls for high priority or complex services and delivering results that drive revenue and impact. We generate impact quickly because our business domain expertise and experience in contact center optimization drives our focus on what works and makes transformation sustainable.

Genpact's multi-channel customer service solutions leverage advanced operating models that make our clients more competitive as they help them to grow and manage costs, risks, and compliance. Our worldwide delivery centers ensure the right combination of near-shore, onshore, and offshore customer experience management, 24 hours a day, every day, to your customers wherever they may be located.


We have a proven record of helping our clients balance the competing business objectives of contact centers with increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and revenue generation.

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