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Volatility and Adaptation Index

Latest release: November 2015 with data up to Oct 31, 2015

The Volatility and Adaptation Index provides insights into global enterprises’ environment and operations strategy.

Volatility and Adaptation IndexUnprecedented economic volatility necessitates that global enterprises adapt, and often this is through transformed business operations. Genpact Volatility and Adaptation Index (VAI) - is a directional, quarterly measure of this volatility and related signs of adaptation. 

This proprietary index, generated by Genpact’s social media analytics group, has been developed through extensive analysis of proprietary data and primary research around the consequences of volatility and related stress (such as profit warnings) in a company’s business environment, and the related measures of adaptation (such as change of key management). 

Genpact monitors events that trigger current or future volatility, including macro-level, industry-wide events such as regulations, and company-level events like financial under performance or cost cutting. The companies monitored (over 800 with $3 billion or more in annual revenue) spanned a wide range of industries including retail banking, commercial banking, insurance, capital markets, healthcare payer and provider, life sciences, manufacturing, and CPG. These analyses were “trued up” with the operational data derived from Genpact’s business process transformation, management and outsourcing footprint across the same industries – from mortgage and procurement to finance and accounting (F&A) and credit card processing – driven by its proprietary, analytics-driven Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework.

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