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Platform Maintenance

Time spent by a financial institution’s staff on support issues limits the time available for development issues.

Moreover, 24x7 support for various geographies is expensive if done in-house and data discrepancies require frequent data validation. Genpact provides SLA-driven support across the ETL, batch jobs, Actimize models, and integrated reports.

Genpact provides:
  • Specialized Actimize trained professionals in back-office support
  • Replication of support activities across geographies, ensuring standard SLAs
  • Reporting and issue resolution
  • Support for data validation, data sourcing, and ETL, which reduces the overall cycle time for identifying and fixing breaks for Actimize models
  • Proven methodology supported with ITIL best practices
  • Customized runbook designed to manage peaks of business events, e.g., real-time visibility into resource (server, queues) allocations
Our approach
  • Clean source data and alerts output
  • Make changes as required in model scenarios
  • Integrate with reporting platforms
  • Conduct periodic data quality audits