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Data Sourcing and ETL

Before implementing a monitoring system, banks must undergo an extensive data migration exercise. Data migration involves database consolidation, de-duplication, and data cleansing. This exercise is critical and time-consuming and may take longer than the actual implementation. Genpact provides data sourcing and ETL services for Actimize implementation.

Genpact has the capabilities to:
  • Assess the source systems and data gap analysis against the data requirements of the monitoring systems
  • Identify sources for procuring missing data elements
  • Define the ETL architecture
Our methodology for data sourcing and ETL helps:
  • Define the Actimize models and their data requirements
  • Define and implement ETL exception handling and reporting for ongoing monitoring of data population
  • Testing and performance tuning of the ETL framework
Our approach
  • Design data dictionary and ETL architecture
  • Deploy staging platforms and initiate transformation to populate the Actimize data models
  • Maintain data mapping to Actimize objects by modifying AIS