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Banking & Financial Services

Financial services are the roots of Genpact, a sizeable part of the heritage as a part of the General Electric Company. Beginning in 1997 as a GE Capital business unit in India providing business process management solutions, Genpact has evolved into an independent service provider and has expanded to include areas such as process reengineering and technology consulting.

For over fifteen years, we have helped financial institution meet the unprecedented changes the global banking and financial services industries are facing. Downsized workforces struggle to meet new demand for reduced cost and enhanced operational excellence. Declining markets have spawned a need for original products to invigorate falling demand. Overshadowing all is the looming threat of greater, more invasive regulation as well as consumer-and technology-driven changes to the business models of many financial services firms. Genpact’s next-generation process management services can help firms combat the volatility and uncertainty that lies ahead by using innovative operations to control costs and manage growth.

Commercial Leasing and Lending

Genpact commercial leasing and lending solutions combine a partnership approach with the power of our smarter processes, advanced analytics, and targeted technology to manage more than US $200 billion in assets annually. Through industry-specific solutions, we help our clients achieve increased revenue, better margins, lower delinquency levels, reduced cost of servicing, and improved deal conversions. Learn more about Commercial Leasing and Lending.

Investment Banking

Genpact provides investment banking services that include critical backroom operations, such as F&A outsourcing, Know Your Customer (KYC) remediation, as well as solutions that improve all aspects of the banking process to drive such front-end results as revenue generation and profitability. Learn more about Investment Banking.

Investment Services & Wealth

Our securities team provides operational support to clients in all activities, ranging from originations and settlements to customer transfers, reconciliation, research, analysis, and reporting. The team consists of analysts with rich and diverse experience in financial services, who hold professional qualifications in finance and accounting with relevant certifications in the banking and financial services domain. Learn more about Investment Services & Wealth.

Mortgage Services

Genpact Mortgage Services supports the mortgage origination process by combining IT expertise with process excellence to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Solutions that streamline the mortgage origination process include sales support, processing, underwriting, closing and funding, post close/QC, and servicing. Learn more about Mortgage Services.

Retail Banking

From origination to customer service to collections, our financial services solutions emphasize standardization by driving operating efficiencies and increasing business process effectiveness – thanks to our end-to-end domain expertise in card services, payments, lending, and deposits. Learn more about Retail Banking.

Financial Technology Payments

With an advanced understanding of the banking and financial services industry, Genpact serves as your back-office partner. Taking your service operations on our experienced shoulders, we use our established infrastructure and apply our best-in-class tools, processes, people, and knowledge to offer services that include customer management, account maintenance setup and support, marketing and social media analytics, risk and fraud analytics, finance, and accounting. Learn more about Financial Technology Payments.