Lean Six Sigma DNA
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The Genpact DNA of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology for quality improvement that has been around for many years in the industrial environment.

GE under Jack Welch, was a leading proponent of Lean Six Sigma globally. Genpact (at that time known as GE Capital International Services) was the first service provider in the world to apply this methodology at scale for business processes making this practice a tremendous success.

Lean Six Sigma permeates what we do and is highly visible in our operations, people, processes, and leadership direction.

We take a different approach to implementation of Lean Six Sigma, going beyond the scope of the contract to take a comprehensive upstream/downstream view, which extends our impact on client’s businesses.

By being proactive in driving efficiency gains and working with clients to reengineer processes end-to-end, we integrate better with our clients operations, creating a seamless process environment. Our focus is always on our client’s business, not ours.

The scale at which we apply this methodology is unprecedented. In 2012, as an example, we worked with our clients to execute over a thousand projects driving more than $1 Billion of business impact.

This is what the culturally ingrained, hard-to-replicate DNA of Genpact is made of.

The IP accumulated over fifteen years of doing an enormous number of Lean Six Sigma projects became the foundation for our SEPSM methodology.