1997Genpact founded as GE Capital's operations center in Gurgaon, India

1998Acquires EDM | Starts Operations in Mexico

1999Genpact opens centers in Hyderabad, India

2000Genpact opens center in Dalian, China

2001Genpact opens center in Bangalore, India

2002Genpact opens center in Budapest, Hungary

2003Genpact opens center in Jaipur, India | CMMi Level 5 achieved

2004Genpact opens center in Kolkata, India | General Atlantic and Oak Hill Capital aquire 60% stake

2005Genpact opens center in Bucharest, Romania and Delhi, India | Acquires Creditek, USA     

2006Genpact opens center in Changechun & Shanghai, China and Manila, Philippines | Acquires Moneyline, USA | Starts NGEN - a Media Process JV with NDTV India       

2007Acquires Ice Enterprise Solutions, Netherlands and Axis Risk Consulting, India | Genpact goes public - lists on NYSE     

2008Genpact opens Center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Rabat, Morocco and Lubin, Poland       

2009Genpact opens center in Johannesburg, South Africa to serve SAB Ltd. | Acquires centers in Danville, USA to serve Walgreens | Launches Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM)   

2010Acquires Symphony Marketing Solutions (SMS), India strengthening its leadership in Analytics and Data Management

2011Aquires Akritiv, US | Headstrong, US/India/Japan | Empower Research, US/India and HPP, US     

2012Acquires Accounting Plaza, Netherlands | Atyati Technologies, India | Triumph Engineering Corp., US     

2013Acquires JAWOOD and Third Pillar, US     

2014Acquires Pharmalink Regulatory Consulting, US | Launches Markit / Genpact KYC Services | Hires new CFO     

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Generating Impact Since 1997

Our History

Genpact has a unique heritage, which has contributed to our deep understanding of process. We began in 1997 as a business unit within GE, building the company from the ground up. Our charter was to provide business process services to GE's businesses, with the goal of enabling outstanding efficiencies. During the eight years that followed, we earned the opportunity to manage a wide range of processes from the simple to complex, operating across GE's financial-services and manufacturing businesses.

In January 2005, we became an independent company bringing our process expertise and unique DNA in Lean Six Sigma to clients outside of GE. Our new name, Genpact, conveys the business impact we generate for our clients.

In August 2007, Genpact was listed on the NYSE under the symbol 'G'. Since then, we have grown rapidly, from 32,000 employees and a revenue of US$823 million, to more than 65,000 employees and revenues of almost US$2.1 billion (2013).

Bain Capital became Genpact’s largest shareholder in November 2012 with the strategic objective to grow the company further.