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Company Overview

Genpact is a global leader in transforming and running business processes and operations, including those that are complex and industry-specific. Genpact stands for Generating Impact—visible in tighter cost management as well as better management of risk, regulations, and growth for hundreds of long-term clients including more than 100 of the Fortune Global 500 – and of those, over 10 of the top 25. Our approach is distinctive: through an unbiased, agile combination of smarter process science, targeted technology and advanced analytics, we help our clients become more competitive by making their enterprises more intelligent: adaptive, innovative, globally effective, and connected to their own clients.

Genpact began in 1997 as a business unit within General Electric. This heritage has contributed to our deep understanding of process. As GE made Lean and Six Sigma pervasive, Genpact applied this same industrial engineering ethos to business processes operations for the first time. Built with single-minded passion for process science and operational excellence, Genpact’s Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) methodology focused on business impact while safeguarding costs and limiting initial investment – igniting the global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services industry. In January 2005, Genpact became an independent company, bringing our process expertise and unique DNA in Lean Six Sigma to global clients. In August 2007 we became a publicly-traded company, (NYSE: G) growing rapidly from 32,000 employees and a revenue of US$823 million, to more than 65,000 employees and revenues of US$2.1 billion (2013). Bain Capital became Genpact’s largest shareholder in November 2012 with the strategic objective to grow the company further.

Genpact has accumulated significant expertise over the past 16 years of specialized work with hundreds of enterprises. We remain loyal to our heritage of operational excellence as an extension of our clients’ business – reflected by the best client satisfaction scores in the industry. Our experienced management team drives client partnerships personally and manages global operations in 25 countries around the world, with main offices in New York City where key executives and corporate functions are based.

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