Genpact Cora

A platform to accelerate digital transformation

Genpact Cora is an AI-based platform for digital transformation. It's a modular platform that learns over time, finding new ways to get results. Built by our operations and domain experts, Genpact Cora delivers an industry first—AI for the real world.


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Flexibility to innovate

Genpact Cora is an interconnected mesh of best-in-class technologies that span from robotic automation to advanced data visualization and artificial intelligence. Focused on specific industries and their business challenges, Genpact Cora transforms banking, modernizes the supply chain, reimagines life sciences, and lets you breathe easier.

Our platform gives you the flexibility you need to disrupt your industry and go beyond your competition. You can start your digital transformation journey where it makes sense for your business, knowing that your initial investment is a secure, first step toward bold, lasting progress. It also gives you the governance to comfortably scale our technologies across your enterprise.

We are a leader in providing artificial intelligence capabilities to the enterprise and our platform Genpact Cora provides a flexible framework that powers our products and services. Its modularity also means a custom solution for your unique business needs is possible.