Genpact Cora

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Genpact Cora is an AI-based platform for digital transformation. It’s a modular, interconnected mesh of flexible digital technologies that span from robotic automation to machine learning. Genpact Cora learns over time, finding new ways to get results. And it blends seamlessly with our operations insights and unique domain expertise to create an industry first—AI for the real world.


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What’s in it for you? That’s easy. Our platform hones in on specific business challenges and tackles them from beginning to end. It optimizes your work. Provides business flexibility while never losing sight of your investment expectations. Gives you crucial insights. Creates exceptional customer experiences. Drives growth. Cuts costs. And helps you turn data into action at every step of your process. It lets you move from reporting on the past to predicting future performance. Transforms billing. Reimagines loan processing. And lets you breathe easier.

We all know how multiple “band-aid” digital solutions turn out. Lengthy development cycles. Disappointing results. Our unified approach gives you faster deployment times. Higher profits today. And future-proof flexibility for tomorrow. Genpact Cora works with you—providing a previously unattainable level of agility and speed to insight—so you can see the unseen.

The platform—combined with our practical understanding of what makes businesses run effectively—gives you the boost to go beyond the competition. Genpact Cora’s connected intelligence gives you the foresight to make smarter decisions faster, accelerating your company’s digital transformation. Because for us, transformation is more than a buzzword – it’s our purpose. 


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