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Cora LiveWealth

The ruthless new world of wealth management

Improving the client and advisor experience is top of mind for today's wealth management companies—and no wonder. Firms are dealing with increasingly sophisticated and demanding clients who often have alternative investments with many custodians. To create more value for their customers, companies need to improve efficiencies and make faster decisions by putting more muscle into data sourcing and analysis capabilities. And they need to do so quickly to maintain their customer base and their competitive edge.


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Cora LiveWealthTM has your back
Cora LiveWealthTM is a great way for wealth management companies to up their game. This artificial intelligence-based product transforms the financial advisor and client experience by using patented extraction technology to source information for performance reporting. It's a full-featured end-to-end wealth management solution that handles data aggregation and data analytics with ease. What's more, Cora LiveWealth's artificial intelligence (AI) is flexible and always live, so it can adapt on the fly—rapidly, without any maintenance overhead.

What Cora LiveWealth offers . . .

  • Multi-custodian aggregation that gathers data from all US and most major international custodians with 100% data quality assurance. Cora LiveWealth automatically extracts this data from financial statements and presents it in an easy to understand manner.
  • Robust performance and risk analytics with industry standard portfolio performance reporting. It also builds customized models personalized for every client and provides a rich pallet of analytical tools. It includes ex-post and ex-ante performance modeling, multi-asset classification, benchmark comparisons, and portfolio- and security-level analyses.
  • IPS construction and monitoring that ensures full adherence to investment policies through a complete audit trail, a user-friendly questionnaire, automated document creation and regulatory compliance reporting.
  • Non-intrusive integration that won't disrupt existing technology and process environment. Cora LiveWealth is a complete, flexible, and rapid-time-to-market product.
  • Machine learning that harnesses autonomous and assisted capabilities across three areas: document information extraction, normalization of extracted data to a desired template, and analysis of normalized data.

. . . and what it delivers

  • Better customer service because speedier data collection means quicker performance reports after each period end
  • Increased revenue through faster, more accurate invoice creation
  • More accurate net new money flows that improve advisory reward programs and downstream financial reporting processes
  • Better client acquisition and advisor recruitment that increase assets under management
  • Improved data quality across all alternative investments