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Cora Journey360

Front to back journey transformation

Successful companies know that superior customer experience (CX) is a prerequisite to success. A customer's journey starts from the first time they hear about your company and continues with every interaction thereafter. To create a first class experience, firms must deepen their understanding of customers' needs, behaviors, motivations, and feelings by leveraging information from every touchpoint in the journey.


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Introducing Cora Journey360
Cora Journey360, our powerful and flexible journey-mapping product, helps organizations understand how customers think, how they engage, the experiences they have across channels, and the outcomes they seek at each stage. It enables companies to visualize customer journeys in a measurable way so that they can create and deliver exceptional experiences.

What does Cora Journey360 offer?
Cora Journey360 enables organizations to align on a unified view of customers' challenges, preferences, triggers and priorities. The product provides access to insights that reflect the latest research and quantitative data — enabling firms to make better decisions on where and how to drive client experiences.

By providing the ability to visualize a “future-state" customer experience, Cora Journey360 helps company imagine innovative new ways to better engage with their customers. The product also gives leaders the ability to create journey maps and personas using real life customer data and research. It also enables teams to align and collaborate to improve the overall customer experience.

Cora Journey360 enables firms to:

  • Import and explore user research
  • Build data-driven personas
  • Develop and share rich journey maps
  • Connect UX and CX with agile development
  • Promote and collaborate across the enterprise

Benefits include:

  • A consistent and governed approach to journey mapping
  • Powerful customer insights that can be shared across an enterprise
  • Improved customer experience and better customer engagement
  • Lower cost to serve