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Cora APFlow

Patch up supplier relations with Cora APFlow

The accounts payable (AP) function is swamped processing paper invoices by hand, which creates errors and rework. Fragmented technology and processes only create more problems. And if that’s not bad enough, organizations are losing money by missing out on favorable terms offered by suppliers for timely payment.

Genpact helps companies transforms the accounts payables function with Cora APFlow, a product designed to enhance accounts payable and supplier management for any large organization. By providing a consolidated platform with configurable workflows, it improves payment visibility and enhances supplier relations.


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Cora APFlow, powered by Genpact Cora, connects enterprises with their suppliers around the world, enabling end-to-end visibility and prompt payment.

It is a cloud-based System of EngagementTM that receives and captures invoices in multiple formats. It maintains the integrity of supplier data, has configurable workflow to handle exceptions and approvals, gives suppliers online access to invoice status, and enables dynamic discounting and accurate discount capture.

Genpact transforms AP through its Lean DigitalSM approach that combines design thinking with lean methods, advanced digital technologies, analytics, and domain expertise.

Cora APFlow offers:

Supplier data management:
Automates end-to-end supplier setup and maintenance for greater accuracy, faster cycle times, lower costs, and enhanced controllership.

Receipt and capture:
Enables buyers to receive, electronically capture, and upload invoices to their ERP from multiple sources. It prioritizes invoices based on configurable rules for timely processing and payment.

Enables buyers to receive invoices from leading global e-invoicing networks.

Drives faster approvals and resolves pending invoices for timely payment by using mobility, built-in reminders, and escalations.

Supplier portal:
Provides real-time access to invoice status and payment information, reducing the number of calls and email inquiries to the AP helpdesk. Suppliers can also download and digitally sign invoices to comply with regulatory requirements.

Discount management:
Allows suppliers to take discounts for specific invoices they want to have paid faster. Buyers can configure and control early payment discount programs and drive savings.

Process analytics:
Publishes configurable AP reports and dashboards on key performance indicators with visibility down to the transaction level.


Cora APFlow improves AP productivity by 60%, delivers timely supplier payments, reduces supplier inquiry call volume by 50-60%, provides real-time visibility to invoice status, and improves supplier relations.