Digital Products and Services

Banking & Capital Markets

Banks are technology companies that move money

While this isn’t entirely the case, the relationship between banks and their customers is undeniably changing. User experience matters more than ever before, and digital provides an opportunity for the banking and capital markets industries to better connect with their customers and make their operations more efficient at the same time. Companies that embrace digital transformation, and position themselves to address their customers' changing needs will inevitably win out- we’re here to help.

Our digital portfolio is the culmination of cutting edge technologies, process expertise, and experience working for our clients for the last two decades. Our products and productized services are enabled by Genpact Cora - an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform, that helps us to reframe and solve real world business issues to drive digital transformation across the banking and financial services industry.


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For the CFO:

CFOs want to generate greater value and insights to become a more strategic partner. But fragmented, manual processes hold them back. Genpact transforms finance functions with advanced digital products, analytics, and domain expertise.

Order to cash

  • Cora ARFlow: Streamline order to cash
  • Collections Optimizer: Improve cash flow with dynamic risk-based collections using big data and computational linguistics
  • Touchless CashApp Assistant: Streamline and automate cash applications with robotic process automation and computational linguistics
  • Working Capital Optimizer: Boost liquidity with automation and predictive analytics to drive accurate and consistent insights and generate commentaries through conversational AI

Procure to pay

  • Cora APFlow: Transform accounts payable by connecting with suppliers for end-to-end visibility and prompt payment
  • Cognitive Buying Assistant: Conversational AI-based product to transform the buying experience
  • Touchless Invoice Optimizer: Optimize end-to-end invoice processing through e-invoicing, machine learning, dynamic workflow, and robotics
  • Duplicate Payments Optimizer: Eliminate duplicate payments with machine learning

Record to report

  • Cora FinancialControllership: Simplify and automate reconciliation processes for improved compliance and greater confidence
  • Accrual Assistant: Close books with speed and accuracy, and have more time for analysis and insights
  • Process Lifecycle Manager: Transform case and workflow management across any finance and accounting business process

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Enterprise Performance Optimizer: Gain real-time insights into business performance through data engineering and advanced visualization
  • Intelligent Reporting Assistant: Timely business insights and management reporting from big data and computational linguistics
  • Enterprise Expense Optimizer: Reimagine budget planning and execution with advanced analytics and visualization to deliver dramatic savings

For the bank:

Whether the focus is risk management, customer experience, or core operations, Genpact's digital products and services, powered by our AI-based Genpact Cora platform and developed from years of industry experience can help. Our offerings include:

  • Cora Journey360: Transform your customer and user experience. Create customer journey maps using real life customer data and research.
  • Cora RiskMonitor: Automate model risk management and commercial credit processes 
  • Third Party Risk Manager: Assess and mitigate risk associated with third parties
  • Cora LiveWealth: Strengthen data sourcing and analysis for wealth management using AI
  • Cora LiveSpread: Analyze client financial data for underwriting and risk management using AI
  • Credit Assistant: AI automates commercial underwriting and does real-time credit risk monitoring
  • Contact Center Assistant: Customer experience enhancing neural intelligence chat
  • Insight Assistant: AI driven predictive insights
  • Contract Assistant: Transform billing and contract reconciliation
  • Cora SeQuence: Intelligent workflow - automate, optimize and embed insights into process