Case Study

Journey to excellence: Global business services cuts costs for brewer by 35%

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A global brewing company

Consumer packaged goods

Business need addressed:
The client needed to centralize finance operations in one location for multiple legal entities, across 22 countries, and 11 languages

Genpact solution:
Designed, set up and stabilized global business services (GBS) within the finance organization with 500 employees for 20 operating companies and 30 reporting entities

Business impact:
Delivered fully operational GBS within 90 days to reduce costs by 35%

Business challenge

When a global brewing firm discovered that it lagged behind its peers in process standardization and centralization, it worked with Genpact to set up global business services for its finance organization in three months. The company also needed support in selecting the optimum location, and identifying and recruiting the best talent.

Genpact solution

To support the brewing firm, the Genpact team focused on project management, change management, HR, IT, finance, legal, transition, knowledge transfer and continuous improvement.

After careful due diligence, Genpact recommended setting up the facility in Krakow, Poland, due to its well-educated workforce and excellent linguistic capabilities. As Genpact has had operations in Poland since 2008, it was able to tap into a solid recruitment network of agencies and universities. It hired over 500 full-time employees covering 11 languages for roles in accounts payable, accounts receivables, and general accounting.

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Through its existing connections with local suppliers, Genpact delivered the fit out and facilities set up of the Krakow site in ten weeks, which is six weeks faster than usual.

Alongside the hiring process, Genpact established HR and staff-onboarding processes to support future waves. This internal ecosystem was instrumental in achieving a first-right-time implementation. Genpact also put in place GBS metrics, dashboards, governance structures, and a continuous process improvement framework. Finally, it achieved the transition of processes from 22 countries ahead of time and with no surprises.

Business impact

Genpact delivered ongoing value to the global brewing company by selecting the right location and high-caliber talent, and building on its local knowledge and extensive GBS experience. After six months, staff turnover at a typical shared service center tops 20%, but for this GBS it stood at 5%. In addition, the consolidated entity reduced the company’s G&A costs by 35%, which delivered rapid and significant value to the organization.

The impact of this work was felt in other softer yet no less significant ways. By providing mentoring support and migration frameworks to help stakeholders through a total of seven migration waves, Genpact clearly demonstrated the sustainability of the ecosystem, and the durability of the partnership.

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