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A global wealth management firm leverages artificial intelligence to improve efficiency by 75%

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Client: A wealth management company

Business need addressed: 

  • Multiple fragmented data collection and tracking processes and technology solutions, resulting in inaccurate billing and reporting of client assets
  • Expensive, non-scalable and error- prone reporting techniques
  • Disparate data sources and formats hamstrung analysis, and negatively impacted customer satisfaction
  • The 45-day end-of-quarter reporting cycle needed to move faster

Genpact Solution: 

  • A scalable and flexible solution, based on the Genpact Cora platform, that rapidly extracts, aggregates, normalizes and analyzes data from multiple sources on a real-time basis
  • Implemented a dynamic framework for on-demand performance reporting and an enterprise dashboard view for each line of business


  • Gave clients an on-demand, holistic portfolio view that included outside assets
  • Gave managers a complete view at the enterprise, FA, and client level that included daily transaction data
  • Enabled dynamic and on-demand reporting and real-time portfolio monitoring
  • Served as an enterprise-wide aggregation and reporting solution
  • Operational efficiency improved to 75%

A global wealth management firm wanted to analyze and report real-time information on customer assets, but was hobbled by fragmented data collection and tracking processes. The firm addressed these challenges by using digital and automation tools, delivered through an AI-based platform, to effectively transform their master data management process, thereby improving process efficiency, turnaround time, customer satisfaction, and overall growth.

Business Challenge

The firm's end-to-end performance reporting system (from data sourcing, aggregation and performance calculations to updating systems of record and providing insightful reporting) had become a significant detractor in the eyes of its financial advisor (FA) community and its customers. In an attempt to maintain service levels and meet customer needs, FAs were spending disproportionate amounts of time trying to cover for system and process gaps, as opposed to directing their efforts to value-added analysis and engaging with the customer.

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In the absence of suitable technology solutions to aggregate, extract, and process data from electronic and paper financial statements, this firm defaulted to a manual approach which resulted in the inaccurate billing and reporting of customer assets. Disparate data sources and formats took a long time to process and analyze, and slowed down the reporting process. This process was further complicated by the involvement of four entities (two external partners, an internal analysts team and the financial advisors) all operating an end-to-end process on a fragmented architecture.

Major challenges

  • Inaccurate billing and reporting of client assets, due to fragmented data collection and tracking processes
  • Expensive, non-scalable, and error-prone reporting techniques
  • Data from disparate data sources and formats, making information processing and analysis a difficult and time-consuming process for the existing system

Genpact Solution

Bringing information across all custodians for all customer segments, on to a single platform in a sustainable manner was the first major hurdle. The ability to offer tailored services and analytics for internal and external consumers from the same technology platform would address most of the challenges being faced by the firm.

Over a 90 day period, Genpact's aggregation and performance reporting capabilities were implemented to improve overall efficiency.  The driver of this quick turnaround was the agile usage of machine learning, enabled by the Genpact 

Cora platform. The end result was automation of three key areas: data extraction, normalization of the extracted data, and analysis of the extracted data. This helped streamline the end-to-end process from sourcing to reporting with the following key features:

  • Automated multi-custodial data-aggregation solution, capable of rapidly extracting, aggregating, normalizing and analyzing data from multiple sources on a real-time basis
  • The Genpact LiveWealth product ensured on-demand performance reporting and enabled enterprise dashboards across business lines
  • Consumer bureau aggregation for extracting liabilities and constructing balance sheets
  • Highly flexible asset classification schemas and on-demand reporting
  • Analysis and reports personalized to management, FAs, and customers

Figure 1: A schematic of the automated aggregation product developed on the Genpact Cora platform

SeeClose detailed view

Business impact

  • Provided an on-demand, holistic portfolio view that included outside assets and was reported at the enterprise, FA and customer level
  • Dynamic and customizable reporting to enable continuous re-configuration and personalization for advisors and customers
  • Provided on-demand quarterly reporting for customers
  • Compliance institutionalized via common enterprise-wide aggregation and reporting
  • 75% operational efficiency achieved
  • Introduced real-time portfolio monitoring
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