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SEP Smart Implementation

The Genpact difference is the follow through and actual implementation. Knowing what you are doing wrong is only half the battle won and in most cases the easy part. Knowing how to fix it is the hardest part. Genpact goes beyond diagnostics to actual road-maps and execution. Leveraging the SEPSM framework, we can engage with our customers for multiple service offerings focused on specific business outcomes. We engage with our customers for:

  • SEP Diagnostics: End-to-end diagnostic projects to identify existing gaps and benchmark client business processes with industry best-in-class. This helps identify value leakage gaps and create an implementation road map to reach best-in-class metrics
  • Benchmarking: Helps map client’s current processes at a granular level and recommends best practices & insights for improvement
  • Reporting Framework: Identifies key business enablers and to understand critical CXO imperatives. This enables the design of the MIS framework that will provide management a holistic view of the business processes
  • Process Blueprinting: Builds a process handbook for complex client businesses by identifying the critical business outcomes. Process blueprinting lays out process boundaries, sub processes & activities and granular level process metrics with targeted benchmarks


SEP Diagnostics

End to End SEP Diagnostics - A diagnostic assessment includes data collection, analysis, and structured interviews on practices. It helps you identify key strengths and weaknesses of your existing process and the possible areas of opportunity that will help you impact business outcomes favorably. It is backed by a repository of best practices, insights, data, benchmarks, metric drill-down trees and process maps. Using a set of quantitative and qualitative diagnostics we will identify existing gaps, the areas of high opportunity and the associated best practices that can be implemented to improve performance.

How does it help you?

  • We identify actual financial benefits, which we can help you achieve by plugging value leakages and improving efficiencies across the process continuum
  • We measure your current process performance against best-in-class standards and providing a clear road map on how to become best-in-class
  • We work with you on a transformation road map implementing SEP diagnostics solutions


The key to efficient and sustainable process improvement lies in knowing 'what', 'how' and 'why' to improve. Enterprises, globally strive to make their processes best in class; but the lack of right insights and benchmarks can create hurdles to this objective. Genpact's MetriLink; a unique benchmarking service, can help enterprises achieve their business objectives. MetriLink is based on 14 years of experience in managing more than 4,500 different processes for over 600 clients. MetriLink helps enterprises by benchmarking their current processes and at a granular level identifying key business metrics which impact business performance. It also recommends best practices & insights for improvement based on Genpact's proprietary SEP framework and data repository. MetriLink is delivered through a short 1 to 2 week project during which Genpact conducts a granular quantitative analysis of existing process performance.

How does it help you?

  • MetriLink helps in identifying business/process goals that can be optimized and quantifies the financial impact of any process improvement made in the existing processes
  • MetriLink benchmarks clients' existing process performance to relevant industry, region & global levels
  • MetriLink provides an indicative set of process insights and best practices that 'must-be' and 'should-be' followed to reach the optimum performance level


With growing challenges in managing the global process and increasingly complex processes, it is becoming difficult for the CXOs and the process managers to have an overview into the health of the process. This is not only due to large number of metrics that need to be managed but also due to complex interdependency of a particular metric on the overall process. With experience in more than 4,500 business processes spread across 600 clients in numerous verticals, Genpact today understands the right levers and metrics that define the process. After identifying the key business enablers and understanding the key CXO imperatives, Genpact can work with its customers to design the MIS framework that will aid the management to have a holistic view of the business processes.

How does it help you?

  • We identify key metrics and generate layered dashboards to monitor and measure the process performance continuously
  • We create standardized control charts, dashboards at leadership level and define data sources for reporting & create data repository for self service

Process Blueprint

Genpact will prepare a process blueprint and build a process handbook, on the principles of the SEP framework. This process handbook will identify the critical business outcomes and lay out with level1, level2 and level3 process steps, efficiency & effectiveness metrics for the selected business area for the client. It will also identify best practices across people, process and technology. Genpact has experience in leveraging the SEP framework across multiple clients & processes, to come up with best-in-class processes for different business units. This will allow a process owner to have complete visibility on the various aspects of process management.

How does it help you?

  • We prepare a process blueprint/manual with detailed process steps, mapping existing client processes
  • We help identify key performance measures, drivers and metrics and link them across the process continuum
  • The process blueprint can be leveraged to run diagnostics on existing processes and identify improvement opportunities.

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