Operations Network Analytics

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Operations Network Analytics

Organizations and their shared services operations are becoming increasingly global and complex not only through global dispersion of employees but also through more intensive connections with internal and external stakeholders, suppliers and partners within their ecosystem. These conditions have a significant impact on organizational productivity and effectiveness, and make the diagnosis of operational issues very complex for senior leaders seeking to maximize the effectiveness of global shared services operations without increasing their cost. Visibility into how teams communicate and collaborate and how work actually happens is key but often difficult to achieve. Decoding the “hidden signals” by mapping and analyzing interactions between people and larger groups within and outside the organization can help predict the effectiveness of shared services operations.

Genpact’s Operations Network Analytics solution provides an unprecedented view into the relationship ‘health’ of global teams in a shared services environment. It harnesses big data and combines proprietary data sets related to performance and effectiveness with Social Network Analytics (SNA) metrics developed at MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence. By sifting through millions of data sets, it leverages interaction traces (typically email, excluding email body for privacy but also other sources such as calendars and other communication tools).

The results of this analysis shed light on otherwise invisible communication behaviors that transcend organizational structures and fixed workflow. It provides strategic guidance to top management in large organizations in transforming and improving global shared services operations, for example, through coaching of individuals and teams or redesigning of key processes or organizational structures to foster different types of collaboration behaviors (e.g., creative or disciplined and repeatable). It also helps streamline processes, eliminate unnecessary touch points, and simplify operations. It supplements traditional management methods and helps operations leaders drive more proactive and effective governance of globally distributed teams across organizational boundaries.

The Elements of Unified Collaboration framework

Genpact’s Unified Collaboration framework benefits from a powerful combination of tools that truly revolutionize the way global teams work.


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