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OneFloor for real time collaboration and operational monitoring

Genpact's OneFloor Unified Collaboration creates a team-centric co-worker “virtual floor” foundation for intuitive access to performance dashboards, voice and video calls, instant messaging, screen sharing, white-boards, floor video, info bulletins, geo-location and more.

  • Intuitively team-centered suite: replicates real life information flow, respects “human factor”. Global delivery feels like next door
  • Ubiquitous: anytime, anywhere – including mobile devices
  • Safe: specialized security, adoption, performance, monitoring
  • Managed environment: IT (as-a-service, specially configured Microsoft and other technology) and operations support


Impact: OneFloor enables better economics for shared, global operations such as shared services, BPO, or GBS. It also provides a great platform to truly harness the transformative and innovation power of your globally located human resources.


The Elements of Unified Collaboration framework

Genpact’s Unified Collaboration framework benefits from a powerful combination of tools that truly revolutionize the way global teams work.


Best-in-class social community platform, promoting asynchronous collaboration between our clients and employees.

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Open-innovation collaboration community for clients, subject matter experts and highly qualified external partners.

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Operations Network Analytics

Tool which uses big data and social network analysis to evaluate relationship health between teams working together

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