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Glue for enterprise social collaboration

Genpact’s enterprise social networking platform promotes seamless effective collaboration between our clients and employees. Glue enable teams to work smarter by improving strategic alignment, helping them feel more connected, providing them with easy access to knowledge and above all giving them an opportunity to share information and ideas.

Glue addresses several key human capital and business challenges:

  • Shifting from transactions to engagement at scale
  • Creating global connections based on interest
  • Leveraging social communities to aggregate informal and formal knowledge
  • Locating expertise & information that drives business value

Glue’s easy to use and intuitive interface and best-in-class social features helps create meaningful engagement between globally distributed teams, promotes knowledge management and fosters co-innovation.

The Elements of Unified Collaboration framework

Genpact’s Unified Collaboration framework benefits from a powerful combination of tools that truly revolutionize the way global teams work.


Enables real time collaboration and visibility across distributed teams, while maintaining control and compliance.

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Open-innovation collaboration community for clients, subject matter experts and highly qualified external partners

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Tool which uses big data and social network analysis to evaluate relationship health between teams working together.

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