Smart Decision Services

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Smart Decision Services

Traditional, analytics-poor processes force tradeoffs between agility, speed, or stability – but many organizations are unable to harness analytics to deliver material impact. Some of the common challenges include:

  • Layering analytics/technology onto old processes yields only incremental returns
  • Analytical skills, industry domain expertise and understanding of complex technology are costly and in short supply
  • Large investments in tools and technologies not embedded in process lead to sub-optimal ROI

At Genpact, we believe that clients have business problems, not math problems. As a result, Genpact’s Smart Decision Services combine analytics capabilities with industry expertise, operations design capability, technology. “Industrialized” analytics underpin Data-to-ActionSM business processes and make them the cornerstone of Intelligent OperationsSM. Our solution is four pronged:

  • Use a Lean Digital approach that extends the power of digital technology all the way through the back and middle office, and uses design thinking to identify customer value that those operations will deliver at scale
  • Taking an “operator’s” view, we help clients rethink business processes with analytics in mind. The alignment with business outcomes through our proprietary SEPSM framework drive business, not math, decisions
  • A “Intelligent Process Insights Engine” creates a practical information foundation
  • Advanced organizational structures efficiently harness resources, and orchestrate intelligent operations end-to-end for maximum effectiveness

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