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From the racetrack to the boardroom

Lessons in boosting competitive advantage at speed

Fierce competition, unexpected obstacles, shifting conditions...

Sitting on the starting grid at every race, Genpact and Envision Racing know that they are fully prepared with the insights and strategy to propel the team across the finish line first. As the standard of competition in the all-electric single-seater Formula E World Championship continues to increase, Genpact focuses its digital expertise and advanced analytics on multiple phases of the team's operations.

From understanding the nuances of a driver's performance to supporting the team's sustainability credentials and engaging with a wider fan base, data and advanced analytics sit at the heart of our partnership. We help the team remain a disruptive, iconic leader, on and off the track.

Our work and innovation give drivers a winning edge during an intense 45-minute race, but they also give the team greater strength as it powers toward its purpose: the race against climate change.

Our collaboration with the team covers five key areas: augmented race intelligence, radio analytics, sustainability, experience, and prediction.

Augmented race intelligence: The instinctive-racing edge

Accelerating analytics as the demand for insights intensifies

Before every race, Envision Racing drivers spend hours in a simulator, practicing before heading out for training runs on the city track and the race itself. Manually analyzing the data drivers generate took days and was a challenge.

  • What's at stake: Insights from every run in the simulator or on the track can improve Envision Racing's strategy by identifying the most effective ways to cut lap times, manage energy, or use attack mode (a short additional burst of power all drivers can access). The team that can extract, aggregate, and analyze data and insights from these hundreds of laps will lift more trophies.
  • How Genpact helps: Genpact's Augmented Race Intelligence delivers fast access to insights between practice runs and races. Engineers can quickly run deep analysis, which identifies where a driver may be more efficient, faster, or have a more effective braking point at distinct points on the track – especially critical for double-header events with two contests in two days.

The platform customizes reports and visualizations so drivers get quick, easily consumable insights, and engineers get the granularity they need to sharpen their strategies and decision making.

"Within hours of each race, Genpact's advanced analytics skills helped us unlock valuable information that would otherwise have been out of reach, especially when races run within 24 hours of each other," Gil Abrantes, Strategy Engineer, Envision Racing

Radio analytics: Revealing competitive insights

Winning insights are in the air. You just need to know how to tune in and listen.

In the heat of a Formula E race, radio communication between all 24 drivers and their engineers is critical to success. These exchanges are a treasure trove of insights waiting to be analyzed and interpreted.

  • What's at stake: Drivers and engineers share details on energy status, strategy instructions, and more on the radio, which carries significant competitive intelligence. But manual analysis of this vast volume of audio can't deliver insights at speed.
  • How Genpact helps: Our solution quickly processes each recorded radio stream into short audio clips. The platform empowers users to transcribe, edit, and categorize the clips. This opens the door to competitive insights on rivals' decisions during a race, including mechanical difficulties and race positioning.

Sustainability: Building sustainable performance

Powering the race against climate change

Envision Racing has received the coveted Carbon Trust status of being a carbon-neutral company, becoming the greenest team on the greenest grid. To prove that it walks the talk in the race against climate change, the team must quantify its carbon footprint.

  • What's at stake: To maintain its certification, Envision Racing must track and report on its carbon emissions. But collating that data is time consuming, requiring significant manual effort, which diverts valuable resources away from delivering the team's next win.
  • How Genpact helps: Using the same data-centric strategies that enable the team to win races, we help the team rethink how it meets its sustainability goals. We're automating how it collects emissions data and encouraging employees to make cleaner, greener decisions by building a carbon calculator.

Experience: Attracting a loyal, global fan base

How audience insights reveal a track to growth

Just like any business, Envision Racing must attract and retain loyal customers – or in this case, fans. But it must truly understand its audience to hone its marketing strategies and energize a growing fanbase that supports its purpose.

  • What's at stake: The team believed that its fans were younger, more tech savvy, and concerned about sustainability than the average sports follower. But it needed to know for sure if it was going to grow its fanbase and amplify its message on the race against climate change.
  • How Genpact helps: Thanks to its deep expertise as a leader inexperience for some of the world's most influential brands, Rightpoint, a Genpact company, helped Envision Racing achieve a new level of fan connection. Using demographics, media-consumption habits, social media behavior, brand preferences, and sports affinities, the team created key fan personas.The results proved the team's assumptions and uncovered new insights and opportunities including growing enthusiasm for the team in Asia-Pacific. Now the team can better target and engage with new supporters, build greater loyalty, and create robust commercial strategies directly influenced by their fans.

“We now have a much more sophisticated understanding of our fan base and how to achieve our aggressive growth goals and sustainability vision." Daniel Matson, Head of Marketing, Envision Racing.

Turning predictive insights into podium finished

Spot styles, predict outcomes, optimize resources

Predicting the number of laps in a race is vital to energy management and a winning strategy.

  • What's at stake: Racing at speeds of up to 174mph, split-second decisions separate the winner from the forgotten. Use too much energy and your battery dies before the finish line. Use too little and you won't finish first. To make decisions about speed, braking, and attack mode while assessing the weather, cars, and collisions, the team must accurately predict the number of laps in a race.
  • How Genpact helps: Developed for season five, our Lap Estimate Optimizer (LEO) helped the team more accurately forecast how many laps there would be in a race. LEO is instrumental in races for which energy management is tight or drivers must make a high number of overtakes to secure a point-scoring finish. In a world overwhelmed by data, LEO offers insight against uncertainty.

Instinctive racing

See how we're boosting performance for Envision Racing

We're embedding AI and advanced analytics into the team’s operations to connect people, processes, and knowledge. With greater access to data and insight, Envision Racing is enhancing its performance in the garage, on the track, and with fans while build awareness of the race against climate change. Together, we're creating the world's first instinctive racing team.