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Cora PharmacoVigilance

Smarter case processing for safer drugs

Protect patients, cut costs

Patient safety is a pharma company’s number-one priority, so pharmaceuticals set rigorous standards. They aim for nothing less than best-in-class quality, compliance and data analytics in all their operations around the world.

Meeting those standards can be challenging. If you’re like many life sciences firms, you may have watched your adverse event (AE) volume increase significantly in the last five years. And with new intelligent and personalized medicines daily reaching the market, AE events could double again. Yet monitoring adverse events can eat up resources and increase costs. And if your processes are inconsistent, how can you be sure you’ve complied to regulations? Ever-expanding sources of drug safety data demand that you stay ahead of the curve by continuously improving signal detection and evaluation methods.

Clearly, manual case processing just doesn’t cut it any more.

Take a copy for yourself

Use AI to take case processing off your hands

Not to worry. Case processing is a perfect candidate for automation—and that’s where Genpact Cora PharmacoVigilance can help. This suite of tools can read characters, understand human speech, manipulate data,trigger responses and learn as it goes. And you can take full advantage of these advancements across the entire pharmacovigilance (PV) value chain when you couple them with deep domain expertise. The result: lower costs, faster and more sensitive signal detection and a simplified, scalable operating model.

By using a highly configurable workflow engine with a risk-based approach, Cora PharmacoVigilance automatically generates notifications and follow-ups. What’s more, it processes most AE cases without human intervention. And when humans are called for, the product intelligently directs users through data fields, which streamlines quality control. As well, the AI learns as users correct case data, improving accuracy down the road.

Cora PharmacoVigilance’s case processing capabilities carry you all the way through from acquisition to medical review, distribution and submission. You can say goodbye to legacy case processing systems—and cut IT costs, to boot. And Genpact’s expert team introduces automation incrementally, so you can transition without affecting steady state operations.

Cora PharmacoVigilance also integrates with leading safety systems so you won’t lose any important information as transition gets underway. You get value up front without the cut-over challenges of a complete system replacement.

Genpact Cora PharmacoVigilance Solution Workflow


Better patient safety, lower costs, precise data

  • Improved accuracy, quality, and consistency of adverse event data
  • Faster and more sensitive signal detection and evaluation
  • A simplified and scalable operating model
  • A big reduction in case processing costs

Why Genpact

For enterprises looking to drive digital transformation within their businesses, Genpact AI solutions deliver a distinct competitive advantage. Unlike other service providers, Genpact AI solutions integrate our deep domain knowledge with leading AI technology and services for significant business value creation. We accelerate the success of our clients’ digital transformation programs.

​Case study

Global pharma major

In early development testing for one of the world’s largest pharma companies, Cora PharmacoVigilance accurately extracted the key data fields across all spontaneous AE source types. The solution processed about 40% of cases with 100% accuracy—with no additional manual intervention.

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