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Come play in our digital sandbox

Genpact's Innovation Center sparks fresh business ideas

Genpact's Innovation Center in Silicon Valley is where groundbreaking concepts come to life. Think of it as your company's personalized digital sandbox, where people marshal disruptive digital technologies to deliver enterprise-wide innovations. Visitors can try out cutting-edge digital solutions and get a sense of the center's unique approach to ideation, design, and execution. It's our way of overcoming the inertia frequently caused by legacy systems and processes in established companies.

Businesses around the world are using digital technologies in the front office to great benefit. These technologies help them engage seamlessly and conveniently with customers. That's a good first step—but an excellent customer experience demands a seamless experience across the middle and back office, too. For example, a customer can open a checking account in under an hour using their smartphone. But it often takes weeks before that customer can use the new account while banks address compliance issues and deal with other back-office processes. At the Innovation Center, we commit to solving challenges like that. We're all about the art of the possible. We incite and power innovation.

Take a copy for yourself

From ideation to outcomes

Located in Palo Alto—the heart of Silicon Valley—the center benefits from the expertise of 75,000-plus Genpact associates globally. They've run business operations in 25 countries for an impressive list of global enterprises for over two decades.

They've learned that integrating digital throughout an enterprise requires a holistic approach, combining the power of design thinking, deep domain expertise, and process-centric technologies. Without these tools, companies risk losing business to disruptors and startups with better customer experiences, lower cost structures, and faster cycle times. The center's goal is to arm and fortify firms with every digital weapon in the arsenal to keep them competitive.

The first weapon we use is our Lean DigitalSM methodology. It liberates companies to innovate—even those saddled with legacy systems. But we're not about “rip and replace.” We work around the technology at hand and get the most out of it. And we bring new value through streamlining processes and applying digital technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), dynamic workflow, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Dream in digital—then, explore and do it here

The center showcases innovations in finance, banking, insurance, manufacturing, consumer goods, life sciences, high tech, retail, healthcare and services. We enable our clients to learn about new digital technologies and how they apply to their specific business needs, explore the art of the possible, and ideate new solutions. Showcasing innovative solutions based on Genpact Cora1 —our AI-based platform for digital transformation—combined with those of our partners, we tackle specific business challenges from beginning to end. We also highlight our strategic alliances with Silicon Valley VC firms and their portfolio companies.

We use Genpact Cora's advanced digital technologies along with our industry and process expertise to deliver disruptive digital products and digitally-led intelligent operations for our targeted verticals and service lines. Genpact Cora enables our clients to orchestrate and govern digital transformation journeys' and integrate within their business and technology environment to prepare their enterprise for the future.

Genpact offers several programs at the Innovation Center that focus on re-architecting the complete customer experience journey:

  • Digital immersions. Half-day to two-day long immersions contextualized to your business to help you understand how digital can help transform your business. Experience relevant and state-of-the-art digital assets built on Genpact Cora and our partner technologies. You can learn tools and techniques for effective digital transformations and benefit from the learnings of Genpact's own digital journey and re-invention.
  • Co-innovation sprint. This five-day workshop consists of customer-focused design thinking to identify and reframe business problems. We help you develop innovative ideas that you can test and rapidly develop into working prototypes.
  • MVP garage. This workshop follows up on the insights clients develop during the CoInnovation Sprint. During its six- to eight-week run, clients create a minimum viable product road map and first release. Genpact co-innovates with your organization to ensure the product can integrate and scale for immediate business impact. The co-innovation lab brings enterprise executives together with technology and business process experts to turn ideas into actionable prototypes in hackathon style.

Our method aims to transform the front, middle, and back offices in unison—to delight customers, increase profits, and gain market share. That's what true digital disruption can do.

Learn from digital pioneers—and become one yourself

The Innovation Center is a place to experience truly pioneering transformation work and the latest in human-machine interactions. And Genpact's intelligent operations test and deploy our innovations for our global clients. In addition, our lab's design studio and media wall stimulate creativity, fostering inspiring discussions between clients, process experts, and digital innovation teams. Feedback is fast. As soon as you come up with a minimum viable solution, you can test it in the marketplace.

The center is a great resource for senior executives to:

  • Build a strategic vision of the role emerging technologies will play in their firm
  • See innovative digital assets in action solving real business problems
  • Gain exposure to best-in-class Silicon Valley start-ups, along with their emerging business models and solutions
  • Access industry, process, and digital experts as well as ecosystem partners who can help your company disrupt and prevail
  • Explore follow-up workshops to define new standards for customer value, performance, and business results

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