Using agile practices to transform experiences for customers and employees

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Delivering better experiences is a priority for almost every enterprise. And for good reason. Optimizing experiences for customers, employees, and partners can boost customer acquisition and loyalty, increase cross-sell and up-sell potential, and reduce costs.

But, to transform experiences at scale, you need to adopt more agile ways of working.

According to a recent Forrester Research report, many businesses are already leveraging agile practices. But to scale agile practices across an enterprise, technology leaders need to change how they work with senior leadership.

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Deliver better customer experiences faster

Read ‘The Agile Enterprise Emphasizes Practice Over Process’ by Forrester Research.

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To engage senior leadership, application technology leaders should:

  • Ensure that the right catalyst is in place to drive transformation
  • Value organizations, individuals, and interactions over rigid adherence to process
  • Embrace software that drives business value, even if it challenges the status quo
  • Recognize the need for collaboration based on real customer engagement data
  • Be willing to make changes if necessary instead of always "working the plan"

Ultimately, technology leaders need to think and speak in terms of customer value and business metrics. Forrester's thinking is similar to Genpact's. We embed agile processes throughout all of our Experience-led Transformations.

Read this free Forrester Research report to find out more.