Put a leash on leasing...

...and unleash the benefits of compliance

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We will make you compliant with new lease accounting standards by the deadline.

Thereafter, we’ll cut process cycle times, help you make better leasing decisions, and more.

Let’s start your ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliance journey today. We’ll keep you on the right side of the regulator and deliver strategic business benefits–thanks to our partnership with LeaseAccelerator. Together, we’ll give you access to leading lease accounting software and our heritage in finance transformation.


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Day 1 – compliance day

All data on real estate and equipment 

All leases, right down to individual asset level, are identified, and brought onto your balance sheet as a single, global lease accounting sub-ledger.

Fully SOX compliant, no IT set-up, easily integrated into all ERP systems. We also offer ongoing compliance support.


We'll make you compliant with the new standards and slash process cycle times by up to 50%

Day 2 – and beyond

40-50% reduced cycle times

Through the use of AI, which will also cut manual lease management tasks by 40-50% and audit enquiries by 30%.

10-12% annual cost savings

Thanks to proactive mid-term and end-of-term lease management, wider use of automation, and fewer upgrades.

Competitive capital sourcing

Across all equipment leases, with strong strategic sourcing, demand management and vendor management practices.

A single lease portfolio

Clear ownership and straightforward financial controls remove the guesswork from managing multi-million dollar leases.

30% reduction in decision cycles

A single source of truth delivers 100% visibility into all leases and increases reporting quality.

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Unleash the benefits of leasing compliance

Discover more about how we will get you compliant from day one and begin delivering those top line benefits from day two.

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