HFS Research ranks Genpact among top 10 leaders in artificial intelligence

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When it comes to investing in artificial intelligence (AI), you need a trusted partner. The HFS Enterprise AI Services Top 10 Report can help. The report takes a close look at 21 service providers in the AI space.

The latest report examines the ability of companies to deliver on promises, drive innovation, and represent customers effectively. The report also explores how companies are uncovering insights from unstructured data, adapting AI strategies, and improving business operations for clients.

We're proud to announce that Genpact made it into the top 10.

“Genpact is setting best practice examples on why and how to focus on process-first approaches when it comes to using AI services for holistic digital transformation for clients. It is one of the strongest players in business domain-rich applications in AI services and it is among industry first movers for speeding up AI services innovations with pretrained and prebuilt domain-specific or function-specific offerings."

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Looking for a trusted AI partner?

The HFS Enterprise AI Services Top 10 Report can help.

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From reading the report you will:

  • Discover the building blocks of an effective AI strategy
  • Learn about the AI value chain including planning, implementation, management, operations and optimization 
  • Find out what makes a company a true AI leader 

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