Is your business AI-ready?

How companies can prepare for AI transformation

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The five ways to make AI work

Organizations have big plans for artificial intelligence. Our study with Fortune Knowledge Group of 300 C-suite and senior executives tells us that 82% of respondents plan to implement AI-related technologies in the next three years.

What’s more, 79% of AI leaders – those companies generating the greatest impact from AI – expect their employees to be comfortable working alongside robots by 2020. With such significant changes ahead, businesses need to prepare their organizations. From reskilling, resourcing, and change management, this study shares the five ways to make AI work.

This is the first in a three-part series exploring the impact of AI on the C-suite, workforce, and consumers.

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New ways of working with artificial intelligence

As roles change and evolve with AI, businesses must prepare the workforce. We highlight five key steps that companies can take today.

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The view from the workforce

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The consumer's view

People see the benefits of AI but still prefer the human touch, while companies must heed their data protection and privacy fears.