AI adoption, readiness, and impact in 2017

A three-part Genpact study exploring views from the C-suite, workforce, and consumers

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Making human-machine collaboration work

Artificial intelligence is more than Siri reading you the morning news. In the workplace it’s transforming how we run processes, work with data, and interact with customers. At home it is revolutionizing customer experiences, how we get from A to B, and get diagnosed by the doctor.

But are we ready, as executives, workers, or consumers, for the changes ahead? Genpact’s three-part series offers a comprehensive view of AI adoption, readiness, and impact from these three communities. 

Explore each piece in detail below. And read our latest study, AI 360, here.

The consumer

Sees AI benefits but still prefers the human touch

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The C-suite 

Uncover what your business needs to be successful


The workforce

Dispelling myths on how workers see the impact of AI