Meet the team behind the team

Behind every great Envision Racing driver there’s a great data scientist

Stepping out from the shadows: the unsung heroes of Formula E

It’s not just the drivers that take the checkered flag at Envision Racing. The team’s engineers and strategists play a pivotal role. And thanks to the partnership with Genpact, so do our data scientists, who provide the predictive insights that help make podium-winning decisions in every race.

Meet the team behind our work with Formula E's Envision Racing:

A true partnership

Data scientist, Satyajeet Datra, transforms data into visual stories. See how his work helps Envision Racing win.

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How analytics unlocks victories

Our digital leader, Dr Vikas Behrani, shares behind-the-scenes insights on how his analytics work helps Envision Racing in the championship and in the race against climate change.

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Living the dream

It’s his most exciting project yet. Simon Cropper, data scientist at Genpact, explains why.

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When you bring experience-led and data-driven insights together, you can make decisions that benefit both your business and the people within it. See how Envision Racing, with Genpact as its partner, is connecting people, processes, and racing knowledge to make informed decisions at lightning-fast speed.


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